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20 Years of Experience Servicing the Medical Needs of A Diverse Population

As a physical therapist, I have provided and coordinated physical therapy services for a diverse caseload including clients with joint replacements, strokes, cardiovascular issues, cancer, arthritis, neurological diseases, pulmonary disease, and limb amputations. Age of my clients have ranged from 24 months to 100 years old. As part of my profession, I have collaborated with multiple disciplines and agencies when helping clients to negotiate living environments, attain appropriate durable medical equipment, and gain access to appropriate county services or facilities.

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Servicing the occupational medicine and health needs of companies in Northeast Wisconsin

Provide onsite industrial rehabilitation to companies in NE Wisconsin in conjunction with a team of medical professionals including MD's, RN's, Nurse Practitioners, and Occupational Therapists. Skilled in early intervention for injury prevention, job coaching, ergonomic assessment, functional job analysis, pre-work screens, and wellness presentations. Companies serviced included RR Donnelly, Wausau Paper, and Kohler Windows and Doors.


Many clients come to me for additional options when other medical practitioners have given them little to no chance of healing. They like my creative and inclusive approach that gives them unique and effective alternatives for healing.

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