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ACL Injury Prevention



General Screen ($45 per participant)

1 .Each athlete Completes PEP activities
2. Physical therapist or trainer observes and provides brief notes on major breakdowns in athletes' form
3. A brief checklist is provided to the athlete on areas to improve 





1. Video recording of each athlete performing the 20 minute PEP Program
2. Biomechanical Analysis Printout showing the athlete's breakdown in form while performing the activities in the PEP program
3. Athlete gets delivery of a digital file and printout to take home to practice the PEP at least 3x/week with the team





1. Comprehensive Physical Therapy Evaluation printout (typically 60 minutes long) 
2. Musculoskeletal exam 
3. Posture /ScoliosisScreen
4. Functional Analysis including single leg balance, step down test from 6"to 8" step, squats
5. Specialized Home Exercise Program for strengthening muscles for safe jumping/landing
6. Video recording of each athlete performing the 20 minute PEP







Biomechanical Analysis Printout showing th athletes breakdown in form while  performing the activities in the PEP program.

Basic Program ($99 per participant)
Advanced Program ( $199  per participant)
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