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Geriatric Assessment, Rehabilitation & Functional Restoration

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For many older Americans, a fall can be a life-changing event, resulting in broken bones, pain, depression, and possibly even recuperation in a nursing home. Did you know that one in three Americans, age 65 or older, will fall down this year? And that the risk of falling increases with age? If you've fallen in the past, you're at higher risk for falling again.

Temple Ergonomics Provides the following to prevent falls and promote greater health and vitality among the geriatric population.

Onsite Balance and Functional Assessments at ALF or SNF  allows us to determine fall risk and incorporate measures to decrease it.


Onsite Strengthening at the ALF or SNF: strength is a major factor for preventing falls and injury 


Onsite Gait Training at the ALF or SNF: Training Elderly with the proper mechanics of walking can greatly decrease chance of falls

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