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Hands on Massage, Tissue Stretching, and Joint mobilization and/or manipulation to restore proper movement and function to your joints.

Massage increases flow of blood, oxygen, and natural pain reliever chemicals to tissue. Massage also gives feedback to the nervous system that allows muscles to relax.

Muscle Energy is a technique applied by manual therapists that uses a contract/relax technique with controlled breathing to reset the muscle activation patterns. It retrains the muscles to contract in a more functional and efficient pattern as they were designed to do.

Joint Mobilization is administered to increase movement of a joint in all of its planes or directions of motion. If a joints motion is limited or abnormal, the joint may wear down prematurely. This can lead to osteoarthritis. Joint mobilization varies in force or intensity of application from grade 1 to grade 5. Grade 1 to 3 involves gentle oscillations or vibrations. Grade 4 involves rocking the joint up to its maximum restricted movement. Grade 5 involves what many people know as a joint manipulation creating a gentle popping sound at times. This is what happens when people “crack their back” so to speak.

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