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We use modalities such as Ultrasound, Massage, Kinesiotape, and Electrical Stimulation to decrease pain.

Ultrasound uses the vibration of crystals at the end of an applicator to produce heat, mechanical, or physiological changes in tissue. The physiological changes include increased blood flow with oxygen and endorphins (natural pain killers), decreased inflammation, and increased tissue flexibility.

TENS is a form of electrical stimulation that uses electrical current to simulate a rubbing sensation on the skin.  TENS blocks pain at the spinal cord level for extended periods of time. Pain blocking cells in the spinal cord are activated by the rubbing sensation of nerves on the skin. 

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation may also be used to produce contractions of a muscle or group of muscles which increases blood flow containing more oxygen and endorphins to the area. Endorphins are chemical secreted by your body internally that decrease pain.

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